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We have a vast selection of kitchen benchtops to offer you. From solid wood, laminate, formica, acrylic, stainless steel, granite and engineered stone. All new kitchen benchtops are made-to-measure and carry a 10 year Dream Doors Guarantee.Click here to choose Kitchen Doors & Benchtops »

Formica & Laminate

Everybody is familiar with the Formica style laminate kitchen benchtops. It is the most commonly used benchtop material in New Zealand. Some people refer to it as high pressure laminate. This style of counter top has come a long way since they were first developed in the 1950’s. There is now a huge choice of brands, colours, and finishes available from varying kitchen benchtop suppliers located all over New Zealand.

Stainless Steel

A Kiwi favourite for many a year, these stainless steel benchtops will be the stuff of childhood memories for many. Tough, resilient and reliable, the stainless steel benchtop now comes in six different finishes and textures you can even have various rolled edge finishes. Stainless Steel benchtops are also popular in the traditional pantry. See our Stainless Steel kitchen benchtop page for more information.


Traditionally an expensive choice only for the most opulent of kitchens, however competition and finishing machinery have brought the cost down to the point where it is seen in mid-range kitchens now as the norm. Granite is an extremely hardwearing kitchen benchtop material, used in kitchen reface/remodeling as well as a new designer kitchen option.


This acrylic kitchen benchtop (sometimes referred to as its trade name of Corian) has been available for over 30 years. This product can scratch but is easily repairable and the joins in the benchtop can almost be made invisible when installed correctly. Acrylic benchtops are not cold to the touch like granite, and come in uniformed sheets giving an overall look of continuity of surface. Very hygienic and non-porous.

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is usually made of a quartz and resin compound. These man-made stone compounds are the latest entry into the benchtop market. Formed under huge pressure they are very strong and provide a hard, attractive and durable work surface. Brands such as Caesarstone, Silestone and Stonex will be familiar to many. They are also about 1/3rd lighter in weight than granite.


Naturastone is a 6mm quartz surfacing material. Naturastone is a hard wearing, highly stain resistant stone surface that enables free thinking designers to apply stone to countless non traditional applications. A Dream Doors customer favourite with many colour options to choose from.


Of all the more popular kitchen benchtop materials, timber is probably the least utilitarian. It can look particularly good in a period or country kitchen yet there are designers who create great effects with it in contemporary kitchens. The durability of wood is sometimes a problem as it tends to mark easily (we recommend you use chopping boards) and also can crack in some cases, especially in hot, dry environments such as Central Otago. Speak to your local Dream Doors branch for advice and availability of solid wood benchtops in your area.


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